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The power plate, the vibrating platform, the most innovative piece of exercise equipment this quarter-century: whatever we decide to call it, it has entered our lives and it is not going anywhere. Its power lies not only in the electric charge running from the socket, but in its capacity to transform the body. 
It was first invented by a RussianImage By: Melissa Gray scientist, who was working on ways to keep astronauts healthy while they were travelling on lengthy space voyages. It was so successful on the space ships that the technology was then brought to the lay people of the world to help us to build our bodies up too.
Here's how it works: the user does normal exercises whilst on the machine. They may do squats, lunges or abdominal crunches, for example. The vibrating motion of the equipment intensifies the work out, making the muscles contract up to around 50 times a second. The results are therefore achieved much faster when using a power plate.
Indeed, manufacturers claim that just 15 minutes on the machine is equivalent of 1 hour of traditional exercise. This means that it saves valuable time.
Its bone strengthening qualities make it a great option for the elderly and the disabled – for those who do not manage to do much intensive exercise. Though, of course, it is great for people of all ages too.
In addition to this it tones up the muscles, helps to increase circulation, makes improvements to posture, gives you more strength and flexibility, and will bestow onto you with a glorious glow of post-workout satisfaction.
Despite all of these wonderful benefits, do beware of potential injuries. The last thing you want to do is put unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints. The best way to protect them is to learn the correct stances for the specific exercises that you do. Hiring a personal trainer to show you how to protect yourself from injury is an incredibly worthwhile investment when undertaking any new fitness regimen (because you only have one body so it is important to take care of it), and this is no different.
In any case, when you've mastered the correct postures and movements, this brilliant invention will be sure to keep you on the pulse.

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